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Single Senior Cruises – One of the Best Cruises for Seniors

Seniors are a very important demographic for cruise lines given that they make up such a large proportion of passengers.  Therefore, cruise lines cater to seniors with a wide array of options to help meet their unique personal needs.  One of the best cruises for seniors that is gaining in popularity is that of Single Senior Cruises.

Single Senior Cruises – One of the Best Cruises for Seniors

What are the Benefits of Single Senior Cruises?

Single Senior Cruises are a great way to:

  • Meet people with similar interests and with whom you already have things in common
  • Help yourself get over a recent divorce, being widowed, etc.
  • Enjoy customized events for single seniors including mixers, dancing, and low-activity games.
  • Add some excitement to your life while trotting the globe and getting to know other seniors
  • Possibly find the man or woman of your dreams or other experience you will always remember with fond memories


What is Typically Offered on Single Senior Cruises?

  • There is often a mixer on the first night so you can get to know the other seniors on the ship.
  • On Single Senior Cruises, cruise lines often waive the typical “single supplement” fee, which is paid in addition to normal cabin rates.  This can save you 50% compared to what you would otherwise pay on a normal cruise.
  • Typical cruise amenities are available including shows, fine dining, spas, enrichment  (e.g., learning a new language), and group activities (e.g., wine tasting, cooking classes, etc.).
  • Some cruises offer “gentlemen hosts” to single women.  These hosts are available as dance partners, for conversation, on-board activities, and even on-shore excursions.


What are the Best Cruises for Seniors Other Than Single Senior Cruises?

Themed Cruises – These cruises are a great way to enjoy yourself on the high seas with others who share a particular passion.  For example, there are the popular Single Senior Bridge Cruises.  On these cruises there are often separate rooms set aside for seniors to play bridge.  There are also seminars on Bridge to help you improve your strategy.

Adult Couples Only Cruises – These types of cruises usually have a romantic feel and are often quieter than regular cruises.  The ship’s amenities are more likely to appeal to you as compared to ships that cater to all groups, including families.  For example, the cruise will likely not contain amenities, shows, and games targeted at children.  Adult Couples Only Cruises are a great way to celebrate a special anniversary or kick off a new relationship in style.


What are Some Alternatives to Single Senior Cruises?

If you looking into Single Senior Cruises as a way to avoid paying the “single supplement” fee, here are a few alternatives you might find useful.

  • Cabin Studios – Some ships are now offering smaller studio cabins made for one person that do not require any additional “single supplement” to be paid.
  • Cabin Roommate – Many cruise lines offer a money saving program that automatically matches single people with a roommate of the same sex, smoking preference, and age.  Usually, if the cruise line is unable to find you a roommate, you get the whole room to yourself for the same price.
  • Off-Peak Travel – You can often get a full room to yourself at a reasonable price if you travel on an itinerary that has less demand (e.g., because it is taking place during the off season, because it is a one-way cruise, etc.).
  • Last Minute Deals – Another way to obtain a great deal on a cabin as a single traveler is to look for last-minute specials in the weeks leading up to a cruise ship departure.  These fares can be very competitive and may even completely waive the “single supplement” fee.


Tips and Tricks for a Successful Cruise Experience

  • Check to see if you are eligible for any senior citizen discounts (e.g., an AARP discount), especially if you are 55 or older.
  • If you have unique personal health needs, you might want to check to see if a ship’s infrastructure is adequate to meet them (e.g., to check for wheelchair accessibility, to see if you can refrigerate your medicines, to see if they have adequate oxygen tanks, and to make sure that the ship offers top quality medical care).
  • There are web sites that help facilitate your singles cruise experience including,, and  On these sites you can take advantage of roommate matching services or network with guests before the cruise.  Overall it can be a great way to get to know some people who will be on the cruise before you leave port.


Especially if you are recently retired, Single Senior Cruises can be a great way to fill your time as you get acclimated to having more free time in retirement.  These are some of the best cruises for seniors, but don’t forget about other great options such as Themed Cruises and Adult Couples Only Cruises.  Going on a cruise is a great way to see the world because when you go on a cruise you get to see multiple destinations on your journey (often in different countries), but you only have to unpack once!


What are your thoughts on Single Senior Cruises?  Please share your comments below to continue the discussion.

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