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Good Jobs for Retirees & Seniors Over 50 55 60 etc

Working in Retirement

Many people work in retirement because they choose to do so, not because the need the money.  Some employers even have a strong preference for older employees because they are often perceived as being more reliable, experienced, and patient with clients.  Beyond financial rewards, working in retirement offers many other benefits including the following:

  • A job in retirement can provide your life with additional purpose, structure, a stronger sense of self-worth, and intellectual stimulation.
  • Working in retirement can give you some time away from your spouse, which can be healthy for your relationship.
  • Retirement is a great opportunity to follow your childhood dreams or life passions (e.g., teaching cooking classes, working as an artist, or starting your own business).


Certain jobs have a higher demand during certain times of the year (e.g., retail jobs during the holidays and tax preparers during tax season).  Pay close attention to the benefits a company offers.  For example, certain jobs offer the opportunity to obtain a great discount on the store’s goods (e.g., Best Buy), and some companies offer health insurance (e.g., Starbucks).

Good Jobs for Retirees & Seniors Over 50 55 60 etc

Websites Targeted at Retirees Interested in Working in Retirement

There are several great web sites that connect seniors with job opportunities including the following:


Other Home Based (Mostly Online) “Work from Home” Freelance Jobs

Would you like to take on some part-time work from home?  If so, you might want to look into opportunities where you can perform your work remotely from anywhere (e.g., write an article on a particular topic, take photos of something in particular, etc.).  There are web sites where companies and individuals post jobs targeted at seniors, and you can pick something that interests you.  The web sites listed below offer home based jobs, which might be convenient for if you are looking for opportunities that would fit easily into your lifestyle and location.


Start Your Own Business Selling Homemade Goods

If you have a strong creative side, one retirement job that could be especially fulfilling for you could be to produce your own products at home.  Some popular items include homemade jewelry, handmade greeting cards, and various types of art.  If it sounds like this would be a great fit for you, then you should check out the web site


Entrepreneurial Ventures

Have you ever thought of starting your own business?  If so, here are some great options to consider:

  • eBay / Craigslist Business – For this idea you “buy low and sell high” by picking up items at a very low price at garage sales, Goodwill, etc., and then you sell it at a much higher price on eBay or Craigslist.  You are adding value to society by taking goods from people who place a low value on the goods and turning around and providing them to people who place a higher value on the goods.
  • Franchise Business – There are many successful franchises available including Quiznos, The UPS Store, Cold Stone Creamery, and many others.  If you pursue this opportunity you might be able to obtain a loan from the Small Business Administration (i.e., an SBA Loan).
  • Food Truck – If you live in or near a large urban area you can buy a food truck and sell food to people during lunch.  However, it’s important to make sure you have a plan to obtain the necessary license(s) before you buy your food truck.
  • Driver – If you like driving around you might enjoy whisking people around in your own Uber or Lyft vehicle.  Another option is to start your own limousine service.



This job opportunity involves tutoring people one-on-one, over the phone, in person, via Skype, etc.    Some popular niches include (1) tutoring middle and high school subjects, (2) tutoring for the SATs and (3) helping people study for standardized exams such as the GMAT, GRE, etc.  This could be a great job for you if you enjoy working with people and want to stay mentally sharp while helping others.  Some companies seeking tutors include the following:


Find Government Work

There are many government jobs available.  You can visit to look for current openings.  Also, consider taking advantage of the Senior Community Service Employment Program.


Do you have any additional thoughts on good job opportunities for retirees or seniors?  Please join the discussion and share your comments below.

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